The Tunnel

short fiction, in post-production




15 min


Gregor Andolšek

On the way to work our protagonist avoids driving through a tunnel. He prefers making a detour and driving along forest trails instead. While he is on this path an obstacle appears. At the same time, there is an emergency at his job—forcing him to reconsider the tunnel. He is now faced with a difficult choice: to allow his fear to conquer him yet again, or to finally confront it.

Scriptwriters: Gregor Andolšek, Marko Bratuš, Miha Zbašnik
Director: Gregor Andolšek
Cast: Primož Pirnat
Cinematographer: Miloš Srdić
Gaffer: Andrej Gorenc
Grip: Rok Grdin
Production designers: Neža Zinajić, Špela Kropušek
Costumographer: Urška Recer
Make-up artist: Lija Ivančič
Sound recordist: Primož Debeljak
Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Editor: Anže Verdel
Producer: Viva Videnovic
Coproducer: Miha Čeak

Production: Strup produkcija
Coproduction: Comradfilm. RTV Slovenija
Financial support: Slovenian Film Centre