Music is the Art of Time 3, LP film Laibach





52 min


Igor Zupe

Once upon a time music was able to change the world. Music is the Art of Time documentary series is about that time and albums which managed to do this.

This third part of the series concentrates on happenings around Laibach in Yugoslavia and Europe between 1980 and 1985, a period stretching from the first appearance of the band to the release of its debut album in Slovenia.

Scriptwriter: Igor Bašin
Director: Igor Zupe
Cinematographer: Nejc Saje
Sound recordist: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar
Gaffers: Aljoša Markač, Gašper Kocijančič, Franco Pezzino
Producer: Viva Videnović

Production: Nord Cross Production
Co-production: Strup, Tevefon, TV Slovenija