Music is the Art of Time 2, LP film Buldožer – Spit Truth into the Eyes




52 min


Varja Močnik

Spit Truth into the Eyes is a documentary film about one of the most influential Yugoslav rock albums of all time. Although recorded more than 40 years ago this LP by band Buldožer remains relevant and continues to inspire new generations.

The entire album is heard from beginning to end in the background during the film. Members of the band and their friends and fans recollect their memories. These testimonies are combined with fictive elements, excerpts from the album cover, archival material and animations, creating a fresh and surrealistically ironic documentary—not only of a band and its legendary album, but about our society and times today.

Scriptwriters: Igor Bašin, Barbara Kelbl
Director: Varja Močnik
Cast: Jelena Aščić, Ivan Lotrič
Director of photography: Miloš Srdić
Music: Buldožer
Ilustrator: Martin Ramoveš
Animators: Toni Mlakar, Jernej Lunder, Jernej Žmitek, Aleš Berčič
Editor: Jurij Moškon
Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Producer: Viva Videnović

Production: Nord Cross Production
Co-production: Strup produkcija, Invida, Zvokarna, RTV Slovenia, Blade production, Radio Študent