feature fiction, in development




100 min


Tomaž Gorkič

A former prisoner and mental patient grabs the opportunity offered by the political system of mid 1970s Yugoslavia and integrates into Socialist society. He returns to his abandoned farmhouse and soon gets a job as a warehouseman at a large company. He has all the necessary conditions for a normal life, but doesn’t take advantage of them.

To the authorities and his close ones he appears as a hardworking, calm and respectable person, with others he has nothing but severe problems. He doesn’t fit into his work environment and only maintains the appearance of a decent relationship with his politically blinded company superior, while acting hostile, rough and greedy towards his co-workers and random people. He is also in a constant dispute with his neighbour. He starts acting stranger and more detached from reality. His drinking increases. At times he aimlessly roams the city streets and stalks lonely women.

One night at a discotheque he approaches a young girl. After a few drinks he takes her to his farmhouse, where he murders her and cremates her in his bread oven. Thus his murder spree begins. He is becoming increasingly more detached from reality. In the events that follow, it appears as if he were invisible to the rest of the world, as if he could do anything and get away with it.

Murders, crimes and other oddities of a mentally disturbed person go on for years, until one fateful day when he is pulled over and arrested by the traffic police.

Scriptwriter and director: Tomaž Gorkič
Cinematographer: Nejc Saje
Producer: Viva Videnović

Production: Strup produkcija
Co-production: NuFrame, MB Grip