Martin Krpan

short animation




24 min

Martin Krpan is a clever rustic hulk who smuggles “English salt” (gunpowder, actually) from the sea to the centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. One day, he bumps into the Emperor on a snowy path and demonstrates his fantastic strength to His Majesty. Soon after, Vienna is attacked by a terrifying giant, Brdaus, who slays all Imperial heroes. The Emperor calls upon Krpan as a last resort to save His Empire. Krpan defeats the fiend in a duel and, as a reward, receives a license to legally transport his English salt.

Script for the film is based on a story written by Slovene poet, writer and linguist Fran Levstik.

scriptwriter Janez Burger
director & cinematographer Nejc Saje
cast: Sebastijan Cavazza, Jernej Kuntner, Katja Šoltes, Klemen Klemen, Jaka Ivanc…

ilustrator NATANesku
animators Zarja Menart, Blaž Čadež, Iztok Šuc, Timon Leder, Tony Mlakar, Matej Lavrenčič                                                                                                                                                         sound designer Sašo Kalan
producer Viva Videnović

production Strup produkcija

financial support Slovenian Film Center

co-production RTV Slovenija, Shakemoon, Kerozin, Mirabelka