Martin Krpan

short animation, in post-production




24 min

Martin Krpan is a clever rustic hulk who smuggles “English salt” (gunpowder, actually) from the sea to the centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. One day, he bumps into the Emperor on a snowy path and demonstrates his fantastic strength to His Majesty. Soon after, Vienna is attacked by a terrifying giant, Brdaus, who slays all Imperial heroes. The Emperor calls upon Krpan as a last resort to save His Empire. Krpan defeats the fiend in a duel and, as a reward, receives a license to legally transport his English salt.

Script for the film is based on a story written by Slovene poet, writer and linguist Fran Levstik.

scriptwriter Janez Burger
director & cinematographer Nejc Saje
cast: Sebastijan Cavazza, Jernej Kuntner, Katja Šoltes, Klemen Klemen, Jaka Ivanc… ilustrator NATANesku
animators Zarja Menart, Blaž Čadež, Iztok Šuc, Timon Leder, Tony Mlakar Matej Lavrenčič …                                                                                                                                                                                 sound designer Sašo Kalan
producer Viva Videnović

production Strup produkcija

financial support Slovenian Film Center

co-production RTV Slovenija, Shakemoon, Kerozin, Mirabelka