Made in China

short fiction




15 min


Dražen Štader

Cabdriver Brane and his girlfriend Suzi are smuggling illegal immigrants to pay off their debts. On the Slovenian-Croatian border they take over a ‘shipment’ they have to get to Italy. Amongst the group of Chinese refugees there’s a family with a sick child. Following their arrival to the temporary hideout – a house on the outskirts of a town – the family takes the opportunity to run in search of medical care for their son. Brane and Suzi embark on a hunt for the lost live goods.

Directed and written by: Dražen Štader
Cast: Mojca Funkl, Sebastjan Nared
Set designer: Miha Knific
Costume designer: Sabina Budžon
Make-up artist: Anja Klemenšek
Editor: Blaž Čadež
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Music by: Igor Škafar
Format: mini dv, beta pal