Vixen in Fox Language

short animation




6 min


Miha Knific

A rabbit searching for shelter from the flood finds an unlikely hiding place in a vixen’s den. Against her natural instincts the vixen takes care of the rabbit and consoles him each day with ‘It will be nice again’. But when there is no food available anywhere for days, the vixen has a difficult choice to make.

Directed and written by: Miha Knific
Dramaturgy:  Sandra Ržen
Director of photography:  Nejc Saje
Set designer:  Klemen Stare
Costume designer:  Sebastjan Nared
Synchro:  Mojca Fatur
Sound recording:  Gregor Žvelc
Animator:  Miha Knific
Editing:  Miha Knific, Blaž Čadež
Sound designer:  Sašo Kalan
Producer:  Blaž Čadež

– Festival of Slovenian Film (Portoroz, SLO, 2009)
– Animateka (Ljubljana, SLO, 2009)
– Festival Monstra (2009)