About Strup

STRUP’s activities include the production of documentary, fiction and animated films; large-scale video and multimedia installations; and collaborative video art for theatrical productions.

Our films include the award-winning stop-motion animation Dvorišče (The Courtyard), which won the Best Animation prize at the 2004 Slovenian Film Festival, Idila (Idyll), which won national award Vesna for the best film in 2015 (and four other Vesna awards) and many awards at international film festivals, and several other award-winning short films and documentaries.

Strup currently has two international co-productions: the feature-length documentary Pumpkin on the Hot Roof of the World (as lead producer), about the life and work of Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun, and Eurimages-supported feature fiction film Freedom or Die (as minority co-producer).  Projects in development include a feature fiction film Metod and short animation Spuffies.

Multimedia installations include the permanent exhibit Slovenian History at Ljubljana Castle and over 20 videos for live theatrical performances, including the 2014 production of Medea at the Slovenian National Theater.

STRUP Produkcija is led by Nejc Saje, an award-winning photographer, videographer, director and animator.

STRUP Produkcija is an independent film and multimedia production company established in 2004 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We specialize in creative, cultural and innovative educational projects that cross subjects and genres and bring people together.

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Nejc Saje T: 00386 31 622 595
Distribution department: distribution@strup.si
Inquiries: info@strup.si